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Small, slow steps lead to fit and slim results!
Start with just four 30-minute walking sessions four times a week. Then s-l-o-w-l-y add running to your routine. Best of all, running doesn’t have to be fast to be effective. In fact, if you’re huffing and puffing, you’re going too fast. Just follow the simple steps starting on page 11!
Pile on the protein for healthy weight loss
If you want to build more muscle ... stop hunger pangs ... and ignite your metabolism, you need a healthy amount of protein in your diet. But not all protein is created equal! See page 145 for great brawny breakfasts ... lean and mean lunches ... dynamite dinners ... and satisfying snacks to keep you going all day long!
Food timing secrets for maximum weight loss
Go ahead — enjoy some yummy nighttime snacks. Feast on breakfasts that stop morning hunger pangs. Enjoy yummy meals all during the day. When you learn to space out your eating times, you can easily shed a couple hundred extra calories. See how, starting on page 48. PLUS, you’ll love the convenient meal plans, shopping secrets, craving problem solvers, and more.
  Train your brain to eat smarter!
Forget about fad diets that completely eliminate a food group. Discover the easy tips that help you automatically know the healthiest way to eat. In Run Your Butt Off!, you’ll discover startling portion secrets ... the weight-busting power of “nutrient-rich” foods ... yummy suggestions for hearty, healthy dinners ... and more!
Feel the motivation and enjoy the success!
The more you run, the more weight you lose and the easier it is to keep running. Then you’ll get a little faster, go a little farther, and torch even more calories. It’s a happy circle! Need a motivating shot in the arm? Turn to page 82 for an instant pick-me-up … and how you can stay motivated for healthy weight loss!
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"Mom, we can’t believe you’re doing this. You look great!" said Julie's daughters.
Julie lost 13 pounds!When Julie learned to
slow down, she started to get the hang of running. And she loved that encouragement from her daughters! After a few weeks, she started to look forward to the runs. “It grew on me,” she says. “It became my me time.”

In her 10th week of running, Julie realized she could run 13 minutes without stopping. That night she signed up for her first race. “I never would have guessed I would do this,” she says.

Julie lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks — even losing during those busy weeks when she couldn’t fit in all her scheduled workouts. What worked for her? Read her story on page 64 in Run Your Butt Off!

"Speed doesn't matter..." said Jeff.
At 342 pounds and suffering from an aching back, Jeff was the first to admit that he wasn’t setting land speed records when he ran. But moving at his own pace with the gradual step-by-step plan in Run Your Butt Off!, Jeff lost 25 pounds — and he’s still going!

“Since I started running and got my sleep apnea under control, I have a lot more energy,” Jeff says.
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